PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Handcrafted Barnwood Picture Frames

The barns that dot the nation’s countryside stand as a recognizable symbol of America’s rich and rustic past. As those barns age beyond use, we’re proud to salvage their history and repurpose their barnwood as gorgeous frames for your space.

Farm to Frame

As the barns are torn down, at we treat the wood so it is safe for reuse. The boards are then handcrafted in our workshop into wonderfully unique, gorgeous picture frames. Each one different, telling a slightly different story with it’s individual woodgrain, knots, and finish.

From farm to frame, I love that we take this opportunity to capture this era of American history and development, embrace the beauty it still holds, and transform it into something that can live on in your space for years.

The Right Fit

As I see time and time again in comments and reviews from our customers, they’re always excited to find a picture frame that compliments and completes the art within, not competes or steals the show. So I’ve got a couple of suggestions for the type of art that pairs perfectly with the rustic style of our barnwood frames.


map in barnwood limited editions frame

Featured here in one of our unique Barnwood Limited Editions Frames

Especially those with a vintage or aged look! They compliment the aged quality of the barnwood and together create a lovely boho feel. Plus, there’s lots of historic maps available for free online that you could easily place in a frame and make a stylish statement piece!


apache saying in barnwood frame

Created by one of our team members, Mary, featuring our BWC3 Barnwood Frame

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest lately, you know typographic wall decor is BIG right now! It’s a trendy way to simply bring life to your walls and display your own personal beliefs and mottos. The simplicity of the typographgy pairs well with the unique characteristics of the barnwood.


beach scene in barnwood frame

Shared to our website by Louis RK, featuring our BWL2 Barnwood Frame

The natural texture of the wood reflects the nature captured in the painting and often heightens the drama of the piece. Especially for landscapes of waterfronts, where the driftwood feeling of the barnwood really shines. I get the pleasure of seeing these shared so often to our website and I’m stunned every time.

Suit Your Space

Now that you know what to put in your wonderful, one-of-a-kind barnwood picture frame, I wanted to give you a little bit of inspiration for fitting it into your space!

The history and rustic style of the barnwood frames mean they fit seamlessly into the HGTV-popularized Farmhouse style that in very in vogue at the moment.

farmhouse decor example

Shared to our website by Kathleen C

It’s also a great fit for a beachy feel. As the barnwood has a driftwood feel to it, it’s a perfect fit for beach houses or a room in your space where you hope to keep that beachy feel with you even when you cant smell the salty sea air.

The aged wooden texture of these frames is also a great contrast to soften modern spaces. They maintain the clean lines of modern styling, but also have  an aged texture. This brings a little softness and character to the space, but maintains the minimalism.

landscape painting in barnwood frame

Shared to our website by Brian P, featuring our BWC3 Barnwood Frame

Have you incorporated some of our barnwood frames into your wall décor? I’d love to see the way you’ve styled them. Share with us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #FramingJoy!


Written by Roominate contributor, Sarah

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